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 For Opera and Operetta in English
For Opera and Operetta in English
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Division of chorus parts is shown where appropriate; for example, SATTB would mean that the sopranos, altos and basses each have a single line throughout but at some point the tenor line divides into two.

As an approximate guide to the amount of chorus work in each show a percentage figure for chorus involvement is given.  This takes into account not only how much the chorus actually sing, but also how much time they are on stage, their importance in the action, etc.  For example, in Trial by Jury, where the chorus are on stage the whole time and sing in every number, the figure would be 90%.  At the other extreme, in The Marriage of Figaro the chorus only make two brief appearances, and the figure would be 5%.  As a more general comparison, for a typical Gilbert & Sullivan opera, eg. The Mikado, the figure would be about 45%.

Chorus scores
For most shows chorus scores are available at a reduced price.  They are edited versions of vocal scores giving all the music, including solo lines and accompaniments, in which the chorus are involved.  For convenience in rehearsals page numbers correspond with those in the complete vocal scores.

Hire Scores
We regret that we are no longer able to hire out vocal and chorus scores.   Scores and libretti are available for purchase only.

Perusal Material
Scores and libretti are available on one month’s free loan on request.

All the versions of shows in this catalogue are copyright, and so may not be performed except under licence from Pavilion Music.  Details of royalty charges will be found under Prices and royalties.

Orchestral Material
Band parts are usually available for a rehearsal period of one month before the first performance.  Because our shows are musically authentic in some cases we hire the band parts from the original publisher, and for these shows a price will be quoted on request.  For other shows see Prices and royalties.

Unless otherwise stated the details of the orchestration given for each show are for the original version, ie as written by the composer.  A number of the operas and operettas in this catalogue were composed for large orchestras, which may well be beyond the resources of smaller companies.  In these circumstances a reduced orchestration may be made available, given sufficient notice.  Go to Other services for more information.

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