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 For Opera and Operetta in English
For Opera and Operetta in English
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Terms and conditions
Performing licences are issued subject to the following conditions.

1.  All performances must be notified to Pavilion Music in advance.  If any additional performances are scheduled, Pavilion Music must be notified before the first performance.

2.  No major alterations to the text, cuts in the music or interpolations may be made without the prior agreement of Pavilion Music and/or the translator(s).  (This does not apply to authorised cuts/alternatives printed in the score/libretto.)

3. The author(s) of the English translation must be acknowledged in the programme, together with the words  "by arrangement with Pavilion Music".  A copy of the programme for our files should be sent to us by the date of the first performance.

4. Two complimentary tickets for one of the performances should be made available to Pavilion Music if required.

5.  A Box Office Return form will be sent with the licence, and must be returned to Pavilion Music within 8 days of the final performance, duly completed and signed.

6. Band parts are sent out on hire one month before the first performance, and must be returned within one week of the final performance.  Any marks made in the parts must be in soft black pencil only, and must be erased before the parts are returned.  A charge will be made for cleaning parts if this is not done.  Any badly marked or damaged parts that cannot be cleaned will be charged for at the replacement rate.

7. If another company is producing the same show in the area, Pavilion Music will inform a company wishing to book that show, but otherwise makes no restriction on performances.